A Feminist or a Commercial Brand

Sexism in film industry triggered heated discussion to feminism, especially in the star Emma Watson and her UN women’s role. All publicity and dissemination around the star iron herself a too perfect character to believe. The young girl is not clear what the link between feminism and her image. A photo where she sports a cape which exposes most of her breasts, leads to mild public opposition. Many eyes pay attention to her since she has been appointed as UN women’s goodwill ambassador in 2014. Certainly, more people intends to find fault with all her behaviors, even having spent much time for them. It’s is natural she would like to snap back.

In 1990, Emma Watson was born into a family of layers in Paris. When she was young, her parents divorced for some reasons. Then the family went to England and she was raised up in Oxfordshire and London. Before casting in Harry Potter, her acting experience was limited and immature for only a little experience in three productions.

Fortunately, the young girl won the opportunity to play Hermione, together with two other buddies Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). Since release of the first film, these unknown children became famous actors or actresses. For the sake of her experience, she received education in independent Headington School, and spending much time on-set tutors. As a well-known star pupil, she also performed well in study. Watson’s perfect performances in films and in real life were reported by many media. As an adult actress, she reiterate it is legal to publish that photos at the time of her 18th birthday.

Watson enrolled at Brown University to avoid tabloid press and seek out normality. But “bullying” from her peers and bothering reports forced her to leave the university in 2011. During the time pursuing studies at the university, she also appeared in some films from time to time. She came back to the university after a period learning at Oxford as a visiting student. In spite of her strong desire to pursue jobs except for actresses, the identity and job are still the center of her career. Since release of several films in 2011, Emma Watson caught more attentions from public eyes.

After a series of Potter, the tag of a competent actress overrated her for the strength of her fame. Public eyes have expected better acting in the film Bling Ring. In the film, other actresses or actors were given short shifts and and too much airtime to Watson.

Starting from Harry Potter to appointment of UN, the solid building block of public came into being. But she rejected any question about her personal life. No one is entitled to disorder her private life. Many will ruffled their feathers from the point that they found Watson an insincere feminist spokeswoman. Despite of great wealth from her acting career, overwhelming fame is also the inescapable problem. On the behalf of UN, some believes her advocacies undermine feminist.

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